RT @gustavp: Beautiful Tunisian/French Graffiti @elseedart #PopTech2011 http://t.co/lEMz8aE2

2 min in a powerful pose before performing,squared shoulders, feet firm on ground, led to being hired, landing the deal,winning. #potech2011

CONTAGION screenwriter Scott Burns and science consultant Ian Lipkin are speaking tonight at #PopTech2011

Genuine enthusiasm for your idea and no awkwardness when pitching — it sells! Think confidence! —Amy Cuddy #poptech2011

CDC is going to do real time crowdsourcing to find solutions during the next outbreak. (wow!) —Rothberg #poptech2011

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Wow! RT @Yuan_Ocean Welcome Megavirus, the world’s most ginormous virus http://t.co/rILaqeqA

RT @StephanieIzzi: It’s not the size of your brain, but how fast it can grow that matters. At least for the premies in this study:
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RT @mmoyr @dcastelvecchi This paper has an the best abstract ever: http://t.co/b3qYuAjT

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